19th July 2021
We are currently at step 4 of the Government's roadmap to easing lockdown restrictions.

From the 19th of July, England will move into Step 4 of the roadmap outlined by the government, which means that most of the restrictions that are currently in place will be lifted, at least from a legal standpoint. Please see below for an outline of the key changes.


Further information can be found on the Sutton Council website here and a full outline of lifted restrictions can be found on the government website here.

Many Carers are excited and see this as a positive change; other families we are speaking to describe a sense of uncertainty. Not everyone agrees that this is the right time to lift restrictions.

Even if the hospitals cope ok, Carers may be worried about even more responsibilities at home if the person they care for gets ill - or they may be worried about getting ill themselves as the number of cases continues to rise. As many workplaces are asking people to return to offices, Working Carers may find that they have less flexibility to balance their caring roles. 


If you are feeling unsure or even a bit overwhelmed about the lifting of the restrictions, then please pick up the phone and call us on 020 8296 5611.

For further dedicated guidance for unpaid Adult and Young Carers, please visit the links below: