Covid-19 vaccination Booster for Carers

The St Nicholas Vaccinations Centre has moved!


The St Nicholas vaccination centre is closed for maintenance works and is due to reopen later this month. The Thomas Wall Centre is now the nearest vaccination site for bookings and walk-ins. Please visit the South West London Clinical Commissioning Group website here for opening times and information on other walk-in clinics.


Are carers eligible for the Coronavirus vaccine booster?


Unpaid carers who were eligible in Group 6 for the spring vaccination are eligible for the booster vaccine.


For more information on the booster programme please visit the government website.


How will the Booster Programme work?

On the 29th of November 2021, the JCVI advised the booster programme was extended to all 18-39 year-olds and the gap between the second dose and booster was reduced to three months. All those aged 12 to 15 years have now been advised to receive a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, no sooner than 12 weeks after the first dose. Severely immunosuppressed individuals who have received three primary doses, should now also be offered a booster dose.

 Sutton Carers Centre is working with London Borough of Sutton and the local Clinical Commissioning Group to identify how we can help Adult and Young Adult Carers access their Booster.