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Our Funders

Sutton Carers Centre is a charity and as such we rely on funding from external sources for the vast majority of the costs to offer on-going support to Carers.


The London Borough of Sutton and Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group provide funding to enable us to offer our core Young and Adult Carers services. However, none of the additional services we make available would be possible without the support of other funding sources both from local organisations such as South West London and St Georges Mental Health Trust and national bodies such as The Big Lottery Fund.


We are very grateful for this funding which not only assists us to sustain many vital projects but also enables us to develop new services and activities that Carers tell us they benefit from.


In the current financial climate, fundraising can be a challenge and we would also like to thank the numerous donations, both financial and in-kind from our many individual supporters, without which we would not be able to offer the breadth of services and support we do.

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