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Our History

Sutton Carers Centre (SCC) is an independent Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. We belong to the Carers Trust national network, having formed in 1992, officially opening in November 1994. We celebrated our 25th anniversary of the centre opening in 2017.


A Carer is someone, who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without this help.  This could be due to disability, physical or mental illness, or substance misuse issues. Carers can also be children or young people who help care for a parent or sibling. Carers often juggle work, school or other commitments alongside their caring roles.


Sutton Carers Centre provides advice, information, support and time out to Carers living and/or working in the London Borough of Sutton. There are likely to be c18,000 Adult and Young Carers in the Borough.


The Centre is governed by a Board of Trustees and Directors and employs or hosts the following staff:

  • Chief Executive (35 hours p/w)

  • Office Manager (35 hours p/w)

  • Information and Communications Officer (35 hours p/w)

  • Finance & HR Consultant (hours vary)

  • Adult Carers Advice and Information Service Manager (28 hours p/w)

  • Adult Carers Advice, Information and Support Worker (35 hours p/w) (job share)

  • Adult Carers Support Worker – Income Maximisation (21 hours p/w)

  • Young Carers Service Manager (35 hours p/w)

  • Young Carers Senior Support and Development Worker – Education (35 hours p/w)

  • Young Carers Support and Development Worker  (35 hours p/w)

  • Young Carers Information and Activities Worker (7 hours p/w)

  • Adult Carers Support Service Manager (35 hours p/w)

  • Adult Carers Senior Support and Development Worker- inc. Mental Health (35 hours p/w)

  • Carer Wellbeing Navigator (35 hours p/w)

  • CABx Senior Advice Worker, Psychological Therapists, Sessional workers

  • A large team of approximately 50 volunteers support the work of the Centre.


The volunteers are responsible for an incredibly large part of the service we provide to Carers and their families.  The number of volunteers assisting SCC to expand the services offered is growing.  For this and other reasons, the numbers of volunteers shown below are subject to fluctuation.  A brief outline of the various volunteer teams is as follows:


  • SCC is governed by 9 trustees and 2 advisors who are volunteers. They ensure that SCC pursues its objectives as defined in its governing documents.  Trustees actively contribute to the Board of Trustees, giving firm strategic direction to SCC, setting its overall policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.  Trustees ensure the financial stability together with the efficient and effective administration of SCC.

  • 5 Information and Advice Volunteers help SCC provide advice and information to Carers and their family.

  • 2 Volunteer Complementary Therapists.  These therapists provide various treatments to our carers ranging from reflexology to hypnotherapy.

  • 1 Coffee Morning Volunteer provides a welcoming space for Carers on a weekly basis as well as organising day trips and other activities.

  • 7 Reception/Admin Volunteers greet visitors and callers to SCC as well as providing administrative functions.

  • 5 Young Carers Volunteers assist the Young Carers Team in providing activities for Young Carers.

  • 5 Volunteer Counsellors provide therapeutic support to people who are coming to terms with the changes long term health conditions can have on families’ development. 

  • 2 Mental Health Activity Volunteer to help SCC to organise and run regular/occasional group and social activities for Carers of adults with mental health issues and  raise the profile of adult mental health Carers and the services they can access via the Mental Health Service at Sutton Carers’ Centre.


Our Principal Funder is the London Borough of Sutton via contracts with Adult Social Services and Housing; Children, Young People and Family Services; and the Chief Executive’s Department. We also receive funding from NHS Trusts as well as many private donors, community groups, churches and Charitable Trusts. We work in partnership with many other third sector organisations and in partnership were awarded nearly £1m by the Big Lottery Fund for 2012 – 17.


Services provided by SCC, both Centre and community-based, in and out of normal office hours, include:

  • Advice, information, training and advocacy regarding all issues affecting Carers including benefits advice in conjunction with the CABx

  • Individual, Family and Group psychological therapies and emotional support

  • Complementary therapies

  • Social activities and short-term breaks

  • Specialist support for Mental Health Carers and Young Carers

  • Regular newsletters for both Adult & Young Carers and also Volunteers

Sutton Carers’ Centre staff represent Carers on strategy and planning groups.  Staff also actively encourage and support Carers to be involved in decision-making processes as well as community life.


The mission of SCC is to support Carers (and their families) to improve their health, well-being and quality of life by:

  1. Reaching out to every Carer in the London Borough of Sutton;

  2. Helping each Carer to understand their rights and get their voice heard;

  3. Working with and for each Carer, respecting and responding to their individual skills, experience and choices.

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