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Bags of Taste for the New Year

Updated: Jan 25

Bags of Taste offer support to help you create cheap, easy and most importantly delicious meals via cookery classes you don't have to go anywhere to attend - and there are spaces for January 2024!

Previous students who have done the programme and followed the Bags of Taste tips have saved around £1,060, which is always useful with the rising costs of fuel and food.

Contact Sutton Carers Centre to discuss a referral and you can find out more about Bags of Taste here.

Aimed at anyone living in food poverty, whether young people, families, single parents, pensioners, socially isolated people, people in drug/alcohol recovery, people over reliant on ready meals and fast food, and people with physical or mental health conditions. Bags of Taste offer practical support to buy and cook tasty meals. Ingredients and equipment will be delivered to your door free of charge (subject to eligibility), and you'll get support every step of the way while you attend and learn via your device or phone!

If you're not eligible but interested in helping #BagsofTaste support more people in food poverty you can also make a donation.

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