Are you struggling to access PPE? Did you know that as an unpaid Carer you can receive it for free?

We are hearing that some Carers are purchasing their own PPE - PPE that is required when e.g. providing personal care to someone they do not live with.

We'd like to remind you that these unpaid Carers are eligible for free PPE. You do not need to use your own money or go into financial hardship by ordering it privately yourself.

We also know that it is hard to remember to use PPE when you are exhausted from caring for someone, and using it can be the last thing on your mind. But it is crucial in protecting the person you care for, as well as yourself. We want to encourage you to use the right PPE when and where indicated. 

We have been working closely with the Council to streamline the process for unpaid Carers to access needed PPE. 

How to request free PPE from the London Borough of Sutton:

In line with government guidance, as an unpaid Carer you can request PPE free of charge, by emailing To find out what PPE to use, please read this Guidance for those who provide unpaid care to friends or family (by clicking on the link). You will find a section called 'Recommended PPE for unpaid carers who do not live with the person or people they care for' which clearly explains the type of PPE you should wear, depending on the type of care you provide. 
Once they have received your email, the PPE Team at the London Borough of Sutton will prepare your order and contact you to arrange a time for you to collect it from the Civic Offices in Sutton. The Carers Centre can help with getting PPE to you if collection will be difficult. 
For any other queries or if you need to speak to someone immediately about PPE, call the PPE team - Simon, Dale or Vanessa - on 020 8770 6041. 

The table below shows guidance around recommended PPE to use for each scenario.































Disposable gloves and aprons are single-use and you must dispose of them immediately after completion of a procedure or task and after each person being cared for, and then clean your hands. You must take care not to touch your face, mouth or eyes when you are wearing gloves.

Please note: PPE is only effective when worn properly, put on and taken off safely and combined with: hand hygiene (cleaning your hands regularly and appropriately); respiratory hygiene (“catch it, bin it, kill it”) and avoiding touching your face with your hands, and following standard infection prevention and control precautions found here.

More detailed guidance on appropriate PPE in different scenarios can be found through the guidance on working safely in domiciliary care here. Video guidance on putting on and taking off PPE safely can be found here.

Needing further support?

For any other queries or if you need to speak to someone immediately about PPE, then, as above, please call the PPE Team at London Borough of Sutton on 020 8770 6041.

As always, if unsure about anything, or you need training to help use PPE, then please do not hesitate to call us at the Carers Centre on 020 8296 5611, or email

If you are a Young Carer aged 16 or 17 then you also are eligible for free PPE. Please email or call 020 8296 5611 so we can help you set this up.

Annex C - Quick glance sheet of recommen