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Young Carers Service

Sutton Young Carers service provides a range of specialist and targeted support to children and young people aged 8-25 years of age who have caring responsibilities for a family member who has a physical or long term illness, mental ill health or who misuses alcohol or substances.


Young Carers often provide a range of caring tasks including but not limited to:

·         Practical tasks

·         Personal care

·         Emotional support

·         Sibling care


Our Aim is to reduce the impact of caring through

·         Building capacity and resilience

·         Improving well being

·         improving educational outcomes

·         Reducing inappropriate caring


We achieve this through the provision of services including such as:


Peer Support Sessions
Offers Young Carers support from their peers around their caring role. Sessions delivered at the centre and at local schools. Encourages positive resolutions and promotes healthy living and well being for the Young Carers.


One to One Support sessions

One to one sessions are offered to young people whom feel that they may need a private forum to speak about issues or their feelings about their caring role.


Kidstime Family Support Group

Offers family support for both the Young Carer and the cared for. Kidstime aims to improve communication between the Young Carer and the cared for so that both may have a better understanding of their illness and progress positively.


Young Carers Chill & Learn Space

Weekly Chill and Learn space provides access to IT and support with school work in a relaxed environment with other Young Carers.


Parental Mental Health Support Group

Is a support group that provides parents with the tools to manage their mental health better. Each week the group covers different topics which include food & mood and stress & relaxation.


Complementary Therapy sessions

Offers monthly appointments to young Carers to have a break from their caring role and sit back and relax whilst receiving a 30 minute head and shoulder massage.


Regular Events

Offers young carers activities which include theatre trips, cinema trips, Urbie bus, young Carers movie and dessert, street dance and create arts music workshops to give young Carers a break from their caring role. 

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