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Our aim is to respond to Carers and their needs, whether as an individual or family.  We help enable Carers to make informed choices, and secure their rights and entitlements by offering free, confidential and independent information and advice.

​All Carers registered with us can access our services, including specialist information, advice, support and groups related to specific caring roles.


Carer Rights

Read below for information on social service assessments, hospital discharge, planning for emergencies, bereavement, how best to manage someone's affairs, care facility standards and disagreements, and taking care of yourself.  For in-depth support:


Money Matters

We offer form filling assistance and advice on Carer discount opportunities, as well as benefit check appointments and cost-of-living advice through our expert Citizens Advice Team.


Respite and Breaks

Going on holiday is a great way to unwind and recharge the batteries; but for Carers, there are usually many issues to consider which are often barriers to taking a break. 

Do you need help to overcome

the challenges of getting away?

Carers Rights

Carers Rights
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The Carers UK Carers Rights Guide covers your rights as a Carer and where to go for financial or practical help in England.

The guide includes:

  • A benefits overview including which benefits you or the person you care for may be entitled to and information about how to get a benefits check

  • Financial advice including help with council tax, fuel costs, pensions and health costs

  • Practical help including community care assessments, carers assessments and direct payments

  • Information about health and care technology that could make life easier for you and the person you care for

  • Your rights at work, including flexible working, carer's leave, and protection from discrimination

  • How to find other help nationally and in your local community.

Practical information

Taking a break
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