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Money Matters


Are you receiving all of the benefits and concessions that you are entitled to?


We have a specialist team to assist you in maximising your income.

Services include:

  • A free and comprehensive benefit check by a welfare benefits specialist from Citizens Advice Sutton

  • Appointments are available at Sutton Carers Centre, by phone, or for those who require one, we may be able to arrange a home visit

  • We provide assistance completing a wide range of benefit and concessionary forms, such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Attendance Allowance (AA), Taxi Cards, Carers Allowance, Blue Badge applications and more

  • If you have limited finances or are in financial difficulties, we may be able to assist with individual grant application(s) to reduce the stress and strain that managing caring responsibilities can sometimes bring. 


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Our weekly drop-in sessions with a Debt First Aider from CAS (Citizens Advice Sutton) offer you the opportunity to discuss matters such as:  

  • Difficulty paying bills  

  • Debts  

  • Increased rent/ utility bills  

  • Energy advice

Multiple Dates
Gain advice on debt, cost-of-living, benefit, employment, consumer, pension advice or energy issues
28 Jun 2024, 10:00 – 13:00
Sutton Carers Centre,
Benhill house, 12-14 Benhill Ave, Sutton SM1 4DA, UK

The benefits for people who have disabilities or a long-term health condition are listed below with links to full details on the website.  As soon as you are ready and have received the relevant form, contact us if you would like help to complete it.



As a Carer you may be able to claim Carers Allowance.  Your ability to claim is subject to eligibility criteria and may be affected by the benefits the person you care for claims.  Let us know if you would like help completing this online form.

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To find out what you may be entitled to and what advice is available there are lots of resources available online including:

You can also check out our useful contact list.

If you would like an appointment with one of our specialist advisors, please get in touch.


Our services include:

  • Benefit Checks 

  • Appeal advice

  • Form filling appointments

  • Debt and cost of living advice

  • Food vouchers 

There is also lots of advice and information from many other organisations, who may offer services and support more specific to your needs.  If you are uncertain, please use us as your first port of call.


To access our useful contacts list:

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If you are able to support us:

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