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Support services


We offer groups for mutual peer support, information sharing and an opportunity to meet with people who may have similar experiences. 

The specialist groups we currently run are for:

  • Parent/Carers of children and young adults who have ASD/ADHD/extra needs 

  • Carers of people who have dementia 

  • Carers of people who have a learning disability 

  • Carers of people who have a mental health condition

  • Carers of people who have a personality disorder 

  • Moving on group for former Carers 



Support Group Session


Our support workers can offer individual ongoing emotional and practical support to Carers.  This support can be offered face-to-face, by telephone or by email. 


We can offer a safe and confidential space to talk through the impacts of your current caring situation.  We can also support you to navigate services and liaise with professionals from other organisations.  

If you would like further information or are interested in accessing this support, then please get in touch.  


Sutton Uplift is a partnership between the NHS and local voluntary sector organisations focusing on holistically supporting mental health and wellbeing.


Wellbeing Service

Working in partnership with Sutton Uplift, we have our own Carer-Specialist Wellbeing Navigators.  Our Wellbeing Navigators are experienced in supporting Carers with their wellbeing, either professionally or through lived experience.  They can provide up to six one-to-one sessions, supporting in areas such as managing stress, developing coping strategies, connecting you with community-based activities or local services, and enhancing social, spiritual, or financial wellbeing. 


To access this service, you can get in touch with any member of the Sutton Carers team or you can self-refer to Sutton Uplift.


The wellbeing team also offer wellbeing workshops, which are free to attend and run regularly throughout the year.  These workshops are available to anyone over 18 who live in Sutton or are registered with a Sutton GP.  You can book onto these workshops here or you can self-refer direct to Sutton Uplift.  If you are unable to attend the live workshops, pre-recorded content is available online via: Sutton Uplift - YouTube.

IAPT Service

Sutton Uplift also has an IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies) service, which offers a range of talking therapies.


To be referred to this service and assessed for eligibility, discuss this with any member of the Sutton Carers Centre team or self-refer to Sutton Uplift.  

Support Group


Is your caring role impacting your mental health?  

Do you support someone who is struggling with their mental health? 


We offer a specialist peer support service for unpaid Carers of a family member or friend who has a mental health need or substance misuse issues.


What is Peer Support? 

Peer support is when people use their own experience to help others.  Our trained peer support workers share their lived experience to support others in similar situations, for example: unpaid carers of family or friends in mental distress; someone who has a diagnosed mental health condition; someone accessing local mental health services.  The peer relationship is one of shared experiences, two-way interactions, mutual benefit, and self-determination.  Peers will offer a listening ear and understanding, as well as emotional and practical support. 


If you would like to access peer support please contact us for further information.


Guide to the support we offer

End of Life Carers

Carers who are helping a loved one to live well during the last stages of life.


Sutton Carers Centre have a partnership relationship with Sutton Palliative Care Coordination Hub.  Our Carers Specialist Support Worker provides emotional, practical and bereavement support with counselling to carers where their loved one is over 18 and is a patient cared for by the Sutton PCCH.


The patient is cared for by palliative care nurses who provide a single point of access by working closely with other services.  These include hospitals, community health and social care services, GPs, Marie Curie night sitting service, St Raphael’s Hospice and Admiral Nursing team.  Where possible, this enables the patient to be cared for, in their own home or place of their choice, when receiving end of life care.   The patient’s needs and wishes are considered and supported at every stage whilst their Carer is offered support to help them during a difficult and emotional time.

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EoL Carers

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