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Young Carers Action Day 2022

The 16th of March is Young Carers Action Day, a day in which we, as Sutton’s Young Carers Service, and Sutton’s communities, take the opportunity to once again highlight the contributions that Young Carers make to their families and communities – as well as the challenges that Children & Young People with caring roles face in their daily lives. It’s an opportunity for Young Carers to say what it is that they want local professionals and colleagues to hear and understand, and to have a wider platform for sharing key messages that are important to them.

Young Carers Action Day was previously called Young Carers Awareness Day. What we have seen, however, this year particularly, is that Young Carers want to be at the heart of any change taking place locally or nationally. Now more than ever, activism and taking individual responsibility for positive social change is key! The theme for Young Carers Action Day 2022 is 'Taking Action on Isolation'.


Please stay tuned for further updates on our actions and activities for this year.

For any queries or requests, please contact

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