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Carers Week 2024

Updated: Jun 21

Rishi really shook things up with his general election announcement.

With just weeks to go we postponed our first ever Carers Conference until the autumn, and staff set about organising alternative #CarersWeek celebrations.

Thankfully everyone was up for the challenge and we couldn't have done it without the understanding, patience and engagement of all of our amazing Carers, staff and local professionals.

What happened for Carers Week 2024?

Monday - The weekly Relaxation Group went ahead as normal, helping unpaid Carers relax and have time for a cuppa and a chat.

Our Young Carers Chill & Learn Carers Week Special saw us writing poetry, rap lyrics and creating artwork. We embraced the theme by doing things that made us feel positive, encompassing our voices being put on the map.  We were also elated to hear the words of one of our Young Carer Ambassadors who shared her views on how her school supports her at a governors meeting.  

Tuesday - Young Carers and Working Carers Celebration

We had a wonderful evening with space for #YoungCarers and family members to enjoy games, music and crafty goings on.

Wednesday - Hospital Outreach Team

at St Helier Hospital

Vicky and Ali (right) spent a few hours at St Helier Hospital with an information stand, talking to Carers and staff about our services.

Thursday - Carers Connect Wellbeing Special

SCC Wellbeing Navigator Kathryn joined our weekly Coffee Morning to talk about how to celebrate yourself as a Carer for Carers Week.

Friday - Carers Week Celebration

Instead of the planned Carers Conference, which will now be held later in the year, we welcomed Carers, former Carers and local professionals from LBS, Playwise and our very own Carers Trust.

There was lots of food, music, games and mingling going on, with a special thanks to Lisa Barrows who volunteered her time to give hand and arm massages (you can find her on Facebook, Instagram @lbbeauts) and an amazing team of volunteers who spent the afternoon giving everyone Health Checks. This service is funded by SWLNHS and organised by Volunteer Centre Sutton. Also, Melanie Ashdown and Urooj Khan from Integrated Care Support Services/ Aim Solutions for the more professional photos of the day and helping to organise the amazing free courses for unpaid Carers which we have promoted recently (check out the details here).

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