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Got views on the hunger side-effects of antipsychotic medication?

The SW London and St George's Mental Health Trust is recruiting for a study called SUSTAIN, run by the University of Manchester to understand more about the hunger side-effects of antipsychotic medication.

For this study, they want to help recruit family members (or carers) who support service users who are currently taking antipsychotic medication, to join a focus group exploring carers’ views of the hunger side-effects of antipsychotic medication, and their ideas around support options for managing these side-effects.

Focus groups will be delivered virtually and last approximately 60 minutes. Those involved will also receive a £25 gift voucher as a thank you for participation in the study.

To join the study, check the eligibility criteria on the poster below and contact the SUSTAIN Team direct, or email or call her on 07933 172185 by the end of June.


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