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June News - Carers Week 2024

Updated: Jun 5

It's June and we might finally get a bit of sunshine this weekend after all the rain we've been having - but, at least the plants and ducks are happy right?!

June is an important month. June 3-9th is #VolunteersWeek and June 10-16th is #CarersWeek.

Most of our volunteers have been with us for years, showing their loyalty, reliability and invaluable knowledge, running reception, answering phone and even run groups for us. To you we bow.

This year Carers Week is all about 'putting Carers on the map' which is the perfect theme for this year, when we are helping to compile your knowledge, experiences and suggestions for the new Carers Strategy.

Most SCC staff have current of past experience in caring roles, which allows us to empathise with the emotional, physical and mentally strains caring can pose. We support Carers all year round, but specifically during Carers Week, we're celebrating you!

Check out what's going on this month, and if you can, even if you've never done so before, join us for a support group, a wellbeing session, or listen out for activities helping put Carers on the map.

Read our June Carers News here.

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