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Sign up for 30 miles in June!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Sound like a lot of miles?

Walking a mile can take under 20 minutes (depending on your speed) - so maybe just your trip to school, the shops, or a walk around your local park?

But it sounds good doesn't it?!

You are welcome to make a personal donation or fundraise through friends and family and you'll be helping promote SCC and supporting our work with Adult & Young Carers!

The 2023 Carers Week theme is 'recognising and supporting Carers in the community', so whether you get a free t-shirt (or you can pay for one) all we ask is that your wear your Tee with pride on at least one walk and take a selfie (or get someone else to take a pic) and share your challenge with us through word of mouth or tag us on social medial.

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