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Building brigther futures around Young Carers Action Day!

We had an amazing couple of weeks, celebrating #YCAD24. This year's theme was  "Fairer Futures" however many of our Young and Young Adult carers felt that currently they can't even think of the future and wanted something along the lines of making their lives brighter.

Throughout the week, we embarked on an exhilarating journey to honour Young Carers Action Day. Inspired by the brilliance of "Hamilton: An American Saga," Monday saw us freestyling about our futures in a Chill & Learn Rap Special. Tuesday had us spreading awareness in schools and hospitals, gathering pledges along the way. Midweek, we hosted a joyous celebration for our Young Carers, brimming with laughter, games and good memories together. We have one last event to go 'The Mayors Reception' an opportunity for our Young Carers and their schools lead to attend a celebration lunch on Friday 22nd March at The Mayors Parlour.

The Leader of London Borough of Sutton - Ruth Dombey acknowledged the importance of Young Carers in the latest Sutton newsletter;

"Young Carers Action Day took place this week - a chance to shine a light on the extraordinary work that our young carers do every day in Sutton to care for their loved ones, ably and wonderfully supported by our friends at the Sutton Carers Centre. They are an important part of the care system - as much as any council social worker."


Please remember if you haven't done so already, you can still pledge to make Young Carers lives fairer. Young Carers Pledge - Carers Trust 

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