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Carers Week 2023 Highlights

Another Carers Week is over but we will continue our efforts to recognise and support Carers in the community. You can help too! If you are a professional, maybe you work with Carers or someone who receives support from a family member or friend (i.e. a Carer)? If you are a Carer, we know you regularly tell people about our services, so keep spreading the word.

Carers Week 2023 hosted a wealth of events. Our regular SCC groups were made extra special with relaxation techniques in our Relaxation Group, an Assertiveness Workshop as part of our Carers Connect session, and massages provided by experienced health and beauty therapist #LouiseMeddar. Our staff enjoyed modelling their 30 mile #SCCwalk4support T-shirts and all well underway stepping in the sunshine to raise awareness and funds to support Carers.

We have also had great feedback following events put on by partners and external organisation including #TogetherforSutton, #SuttonCouncil, #HoneypotChildrensCharity, #SWLStGNHS, #SuttonParentCarersForum, Cheam and south Sutton PCN (Primary Care Network) and #SuttonUplift.

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate and generate awareness for this year's theme: Recognising and supporting Carers in the community.

If you want to find out more about Sutton Carers Centre and what we do (the whole year around) get in touch!

Our Young Carers enjoyed a fab Rap workshop as a Special Chill and Learn session. YCs picked three random words, found words that rhymed (thinking of words alphabetically). We broke down what a rhyme is and developed an understanding of rhyme scheme, then structured their chosen words into lyrical sentences.

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