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Clay-zy Easter with some Chilly Thrills!

We got the egg rolling, so to speak, in the Create Arts Ceramics workshop by bringing our ideas to life through drawing and moulding. Day 1 focused on mastering crosshatching and casting techniques. On Day 2, we delved into crafting stop-motion magic with iMotion. By Day 3, we proudly unveiled our exhibition, thanks to the support of parents and staff who came to see the incredible work by our Young Carers.

One of our incredible Young Carers got nominated for the Jack Petchey award and decided to spread the joy by treating a bunch of us to a day of thrills at Thorpe Park! Despite adverse weather, we managed to splash on Storm Surge, soar on Flying Fish, laugh through the Bumper Cars, gasp and cheer as one of us conquered Stealth and enjoyed a whimsical spin on the teacups before ending the day with a whirl on Mr. Monkey's Banana Swing. What an adventure!

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