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Cook for Less in Sutton

Bags of Taste has run community cookery classes since 2014, helping 7,000 people and providing 48,000 meals. Having secured funding to run continuous virtual cooking courses in Sutton in 2023, they are looking specifically for low income people of all ages e.g. do you receive a free school lunch? This includes people with disabilities from anxiety to Autism.

How does it work?

Once 15 students signed up, a grocery delivery will be arranged with ingredients to make 3 delicious and healthy recipes: chana masala, Italian pasta & sauce & middle eastern pilaf. Participants get 2 weeks to complete the recipes and are placed in a mentored Whatsapp group with a mentor who specialises in nutrition. After making each recipe, they upload a photo to Whatsapp. Then after 2 weeks they graduate and receive a little gift pack via the mail and are given more recipes to grow their skills

How do you take part? Sign up here and check out more information on:

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