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Mobility Outside with QEF

Updated: Apr 19

At out Carers Connect session on Thursday April 11th, Claire Swettenham, Hubs Mobility Advice Lead gave us a talk about the services at our amazing local QEF facility. Watch the video and see the Q&A below, but you can also tour the facilities and see what's on offer​ at the QEF Open Day:

QEF Mobility Services Open Day 

All welcome

Thursday 11th July 2024

10 am - 4pm

QEF Mobility Services​

1 Metcalfe Avenue, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 4AW

You can contact Claire (full-time) or Lesley (part-time) as follows:

Switchboard: 020 8770 1151


You can view the video below to listen to Claire's talk. Claire reads each slide to make her information accessible to those who may not be able to view the information. So, to access specific segments more quickly, please watch on YouTube and click on the description to view the various chapters.


What is QEF?

The Queen Elizabeth Foundation is a charity and one of the UK's largest services offering mobility advice and support for adults and children with disabilities, or acquired brain injuries. They are accredited by the police, the DVLA, TfL and Motability.

What does QEF do?

Do I need a referral?

Which area does QEF cover?

What is a driving assessment?

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