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Scams & fraud - Don't fall for it!

Updated: Jan 25

Officials, e.g. from your bank or the police will never ask you to:

  • give them your pin number or security details for any accounts

  • withdrawer money

  • lie or not tell anyone about what they have asked you to do.

PHONE CALLS – If you have received a phone call, the other person can remain connected even after you have hung up. It is a great idea to call the ‘official’ number e.g. for you bank, or to call someone for advice but always use on a different phone:

1. If they called your mobile, make your call from a landline or from someone else's mobile.

2. If the call was on a landline and you don’t have access to a mobile or alternative phone, unplug and re-plug the landline before making an outgoing call.

TAKE FIVE – A con artist relies on your emotions, so take 5 minutes to think things through before taking any action.

FLAGGED – if you care for someone who is vulnerable, their bank account can be flagged so that any unusual activity is queried.

ANYONE can be a target. Spread the word and help ensure others are not scammed.

STARTING SMALL – check you bank account/s regularly. Many fraudulent payments show as small amounts initially, so they are less likely to noticed. Once an account is deemed in credit and safe for the criminal, larger amounts are taken. If you see a payment you are uncertain about, speak to your bank.

PASSWORDS – Using your pet’s name, for example, as a password can be discovered in less that 12 minutes - just think about all the information you have available on your social media posts! Your need to remember your passwords, but try and be as obscure as possible. Using 3 random words as your password is likely NEVER to be discovered!

If you have been approached in person, by phone or online by someone who has made you uncertain, worried, stressed or anxious, speak to friend or family member who you trust and call 101.

The Met police have got lots of advice on how to protect yourself from fraud and scams which you can access here.

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