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South East Surrey Water schemes & discounts

water meter

Ray and Trish from SESW have visited our Carers Connect group previously, and today they came along to our staff skills session to tell us all about the benefits of having a metre and the various schemes and discounts available.

Here's a summary of what we learnt:

Why have a meter?

  1. The set charge without a meter is based on an average 4-person household, so smaller households especially are likely to save money with a metre.

  2. Having a meter makes it quick and easy to identify a leak and adjustments can be made to your bill when identified.

  3. Billing is twice yearly or via monthly instalments if these have been set up.

  4. It makes people more careful about water usage, which is really useful as water stress is ever increasing with our high density population!

  5. If you have to wait for a Water Meter, your reduction will be backdated to the date of the request.

Why do we get hosepipe bans?

Did you know that we get our household water from bore holes under the ground? Hosepipe bans are put in place when the water has been used up and the bore holes are dry. The bans are vital due to the water stress due to a high population, and we can only use 10% of reservoir water due to the importance of these wildlife habitats. Hosepipe bans are put in place as a last resort, and in 2023 SESW didn't put a hosepipe ban in place when other water companies did. This is because there was a brilliant response to the SESW request for people to reduce and reuse their water usage, so well done!

Discounts and Schemes

  • Water Support - If you are on a low household income defined here, you could get up to 50% off your bill. The calculation excludes disability benefits, Carers Allowance and savings.

  • Priority Services Register - This register is for vulnerable people, to give additional warning to stockpile water and access to bottled water when needed, e.g. when local supply is turned off due to a burst water pipe.

  • Nominee Contact - This person can manage your account if you are ill or incapable of speaking to SESW on your behalf.

  • Water Sure Scheme - If you need to use more water than average due to a medical condition etc, your bill will be determined at whichever is lower between the meter reading and capped rate.

  • Water Direct - If you are on benefits, SESW may be able to set up a payment plan via the DWP (Department of Work and Pension).

  • Money Saving Devices - There are all sorts of items available for free from SESW. Some to identify leaks, others to help reduce water usage - helping reduce your bills and reduce general water stress - win win!

Make sure you ask for help if you need support paying your bills!

Find out more

You can visit the SESW website here and go straight to their contact details here.

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