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Winter Blues

It can be a difficult time of year, especially when we are supporting our loved ones.

Avoiding the winter blues was a topic discussed during our Carers Connect Wellbeing Special this month.

Various ideas were discussed about how people cope during this time of year, especially given the challenges we face as Carers.

Some of the ideas included:

  • Getting outside during the daytime when it is a bit brighter.

  • Take each day as it comes, try not to plan too far forward.

  • Keep warm and cosy – big jumpers, fluffy socks, hot water bottles.

  • Acknowledge our difficult emotions, don’t dismiss them.

  • Remind ourselves that Christmas is just another day, and we can spend it how we wish to.

  • We may wish to explore new Christmas traditions, especially if our circumstances have changed.

  • Sending or receiving a thoughtful Christmas card can feel good.

  • Giving to the local community.

  • Going out and about to speaking to new people.

  • Don’t completely withdraw – reach out to people.

  • Consider what feels manageable for you.

  • Anniversaries and bereavement can be really difficult around this time of year – reach out for support.

  • Keep an eye out for closing times of usual services you access or may wish to access during the Christmas period.

The following articles may be useful to explore:

If you feel you would benefit from emotional support from Sutton Carers Centre, please do not hesitate to get in touch here.

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