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YC Festival shopping list

We want everyone to have the best time and not to have to worry about purchasing anything they may not have already when we take a group of #YoungCarers to the Young Carers Festival in June. So, when Nigel from the Sutton Masons arrived with a fulfilled shopping list of items for every YC, we were over the moon - THANK YOU!   

Nigel from #SuttonMasons (left) said,

"After a meeting with Julia and Rachael, I was happy to go back to the centre at Sutton and round up support from various lodges who I knew would be happy to support this venture.

Money was raised within two weeks, and the equipment has now been purchased. We are hoping that the Young Carers who have been selected have a fantastic time. We are so pleased and proud to support #SuttonYoungCarers".

We still have a few items on our wish list that we would like to purchase for the Young Carers, please let us know if you would like to have a look and see if you could purchase an item for our Young Carers.

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