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Young Carers Future Conference - We care about your future!

Rachael MacLeod (CEO) and the Young Carers Service went north to Manchester for the inaugural Young Carers Futures Conference. The team set out on Sunday, meeting up at Euston and, faced with cancellations and delays, barely making it onto the train to be squeezed against urinals and exits! Nevertheless, spirits were kept high; everyone was keen to learn and participate in the Conference the following day.

Racheal MacLeod and The Young Carers Service, composed of Julia (YC Service Manager), Sharlene (SYCIE), Vicky (Initial Contact Worker) and Marcel (YC Engagement and Support Worker), delivered an enthralling presentation around the topic of 'Mental Health on Young Carers'. Each team member showcased their own Young Carers story uniquely to express the importance of how the work and interventions they run now impact and nurture Young Carers' mental wellbeing.

Between critical speakers of the likes of Professor Saul Becker and Dame Rachel de Souza and powerful insight from Youth Advisors, the experience left the team refreshed and energised to continue to fulfil the needs of our Young Carers.

The conference addressed the challenges that Young Carers face and statistics, and shared how positive change can be implemented to improve the lives of Young Carers, from shifts within education to shifts within ourselves.

What a fantastic opportunity it is to be a part of Young Carers Voices being recognised and valued!

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