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How are you Post-Covid?

This is the Integrated Post-COVID Assessment Service Information for patients, carers and relatives.

What is Post COVID Syndrome?

Post-COVID Syndrome is when an individual has signs and symptoms that develop during or after an infection that last for more than 12 weeks. This can also be referred to as “Long Covid”.

After catching COVID-19, people usually start to feel better within a few weeks. However, some people take a lot longer to feel better.

What are the symptoms?

Over 200 symptoms have been identified in long COVID patients. These can be highly variable and wide ranging for each individual.

Symptoms of Long COVID video (with thanks to Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust).

The most commonly reported symptoms of Post COVID-19 syndrome include:

• Fatigue

• Shortness breath or a cough

• Brain fog / difficulty concentrating

• Changes in sleep pattern

• Headaches

• Body aches and pains

• Loss of taste and/or smell

How can I get referred to the service?

The first step is to go to your GP. To be considered for the Long COVID service you must meet the following criteria:

• Adults: 16+ years

• Confirmed or suspected COVID-19

• Persistent symptoms for more than 4 weeks

Your GP will do some initial tests including blood tests ahead of referral.

What do we offer?

The service is delivered by a multidisciplinary team spanning Sutton and Surrey Downs localities. The team includes care co-ordinators, nurses, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists and psychologists.

The service offers:

• Onward referral to the most appropriate specialist team via our MDT

• Fatigue management course

• Breathlessness management

• Exercise and education sessions

• Psychological support

• Vocational support

These services are offered in a mixture of environments such as hospital rehabilitation gyms, leisure centres and virtually.

What will my appointment look like?

Your healthcare professional will carry out some tests to investigate your signs and symptoms which can include:

• Questionnaires

• Exercise testing

• Test Heart rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure.

This can provide us information at your assessment and give us an good indication of the things that matter most to you and decide your care plan going forward.


For any appointment queries or to contact the team, please telephone: 0208 296 4488 (for Surrey Downs) 0208 296 4100 (for Sutton) or email the team at:

Other resources

Can help you understand what has happened and what you might expect as part of your recovery.

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